YouTube Tuesdays

Inaugurating a new feature here (YouTube Tuesdays) in which I post funny, interesting and/or thought provoking videos culled from surfing the web.

If you're not watching "Modern Family" than I don't even want to know you...it's the hilarious tale of an extended family: the patriarch is remarried to a much younger woman, with a child who acts much older than he is; the patriarch's daughter is married to a man who acts much younger than he is; and the patriarch's son is married to the most hilarious actor on TV at the moment (see his depiction of "Brokeback Mtn" in the charades clip below).

The second clip is from "Community" on NBC (I know, right? Apparently they still make quality TV shows––check it out on Thurs @ 8pm est). It's the story of a ragtag group of misfits stuck at Glendale Community College. This particular clip features Abed, who is the Greek Chorus of the show. He's continually commenting on the action and helping the viewer, but he tends to be a little tabula rasa, if you know what I mean...

Finally, the trailer for "TRON: Legacy". Enough said...

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Cake for Breakfast said...

Yea!! I love both of those shows so much. I don't know much about Tron, but two out of three isn't bad.

See you soon!